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J. Paul Roe is a published & award-winning American author.

As a freelance writer, he has provided professional service and quality content to clients around the world.  

J. Paul is founder and editor of 4Scribe, a resource for writers and independent authors.

"This book is fantastic! I was hooked from start to finish because it is so well written, full of suspense and deliciously twisted. The end sent a chill down my spine. You can’t help but feel for Nolan after all that he has been through and this just further entices you into this thrilling, fast-paced story. I recommend this book if you are a fan of suspense, the macabre and chilling twists."

- Bex

Recent Amazon Reviews:

J. Paul Roe

Author / blogger / freelancer

"This story grabbed me from the start...and the slow reveals were enough to keep me guessing with each step. A unique, truly frightening take on the holiday. A fast-paced, excellent read."

- Casey C.

"This author obviously knows how to capture the attention of his readers, and writes with descriptive detail, but he doesn't over do it. From start to finish, my heart raced. I loved the characters and could actually feel their pain and power. Nolan was my favorite, not because he was the main character but because I could actually visualize him going through each and every phase of life that would bring him to his knees, yet he still kept going. And the ending was definitely the best! What a fascinating novel. If you are looking for a page turner, you'll find it right here!"

- Mel

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